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With the novel coronavirus still plaguing our communities, Infinite Warrior Foundation is providing food, PPP, and essential cleaning products to Veteran communities throughout East Tennessee ..  


Oneida Tn.

January 30, 2021.

Wow, what a great day. 75 drive up distributions to veterans and 8 deliveries. We couldn’t have done it without the help of some awesome volunteers. I am grateful for the service of our veterans, those that choose to give back, and a county that makes it worth it.

Oneida Tn. One of the hardest hit, small rural communities in the state. The Corona Virus has claimed several lives, in this small community.. Essential items are still hard to get. We have to serve those who served for us.

Their Veteran population reaches more than 1400 disabled veterans, who have a disability rating of 70-100%. Yet, they are at a poverty-level income.  With the Veteran deliveries, came some emotional realization, as to the living conditions of some of the veteran recipients.  We as a community, a state, and a country must do more to help.


March 27, 2021 First Baptist Church in Jamestown Tn .   We had the honor to serve more than 45 Veterans and 6 First Responders.  It was a joy to be able to provide them with food and much needed essential items. 

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If you are experiencing difficulty paying your utility bills, putting food on the table, or having trouble coming up with the funds for fuel to get to work.  Get in touch! We may be able to help.

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